Welcome to LARCC
Welcome to LARCC
Welcome to the Lodi Area Remote Control Club Welcome to the Lodi Area Remote Control Club

Learn RC Flight in Lodi, WI.

Our club was created to help people get involved in the RC hobby of model airplanes, helicopters and sailplanes. We encourage people to stop by when we are hosting our fly-in events. These events are casual and you can learn alot talking to our pilots.  We have members who have over 20+ years of experience and who are willing to help get you started and possibly make this hobby into a realality.   




Tail dancing from a few feet away





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Upcoming Events 


Our club meetings are open to the public and held in Lodi, third Wednesday of each month. Stop by and listen to our members talk about events visited, new remote control aircaft and how-to seminars on rc flying. This is a great opportunity to start a new hobby and get to know some really nice people along the way.  Please contact Kenton, atktomlinson@gmail.com


LARCC 22nd annual fun fly event


Well our 22nd annjual fun fly went well today. We had 20 pilots and lots of airplanes, helicopters and some small jets screeming around the field. The weather was perfect and the crowd loved it.

LARCC wants to thank every pilot and visitor that came with their young ones and had a great day. Below are some pictures of your event and the big time candy drop. Brian Roberts's Telemaster with his bomb bay door dropped 30 ping pong balls on the field and then we let the kids loose to go on the field and get one. They then traded the ping ball for a ring pop. They had a blast doing it as you can see the anticipation on their faces as the plane was getting to altitude.


Tim klade had a area set up with helicopters. Some of the heli guys showed up and put on quite a show for the crowd. I could hear some of them saying NO WAY A HELI CAN DO THAT!

Big thanks to Tim for coordinating that.



Community Shout Out


We are looking for community groups who are interested in flying. Do you need a merit badge? Or we are happy to help teach the RC Hobby to your group. Our club members have over 1000's of hours combined of knowledge about flying and building aircraft. Please contact atktomlinson@gmail.com for more information.